Pillow ring

This is really a bit of an experiment… I didn’t really have a clear idea what the finished piece would be when I started weaving. I think I had a sort of patchwork… Continue reading

Finished pieces

Even though I was running against the clock, I managed to finish most of the pieces from my previous post. I had a couple of blisters (since I still don’t have all the… Continue reading

Fresh out of the oven

Christmas is coming and I have been extremely busy with finishing up some pieces before going home to Hungary. Here is what silver jewelry looks like just as it comes out of the… Continue reading

Graduation Necklace

A necklace made exclusively for my “prom” in Sweden.


A few examples of works in progress. The different color represent different types of wax.

Beaded crochet bracelet

Cloud t-shirt

First steps using Illustrator. It took me a while to figure it out, and then to actually trace every line (the original is a pencil sketch). Had it screen-printed onto a t-shirt. Don’t… Continue reading


Floopy is a friendly little monster who lives with my brother in Glasgow. His ears have rice, so he never goes hungry, but unfortunately the rice often blocks his ear canals, which means… Continue reading

Red&Black Bag

Ball ring

When you don’t know how something works it always seems so complicated, but once someone shows you just can’t stop thinking how easy it it! That’s exactly what happened with me and this… Continue reading